Art Is An Idea!

Maybe it’s the time for us to start seeing arts as an ideas, and overcome the classical idea of; art is sad and it comes from feeling depressed or melancholic. ’cause seeing it (art) as an idea gives us the power or ability to see some arts as ones that express the feeling of being happy ; generally it gives other emotions the right to be choices in a situation.
Secondly , -at this moment- to say that art or let’s just say ‘some’ arts are results of our unconscious , I think it would be dull or a naïve way to see arts; because in short saying X is an unconscious act is like saying that X is an automatic act , so to say art is an automatic act is an indirect way to say that all the process of thinking and using memory and reasoning are not active at all!! But if we see it as an idea , then we can have both of choices (conscious or unconscious) , and we can just ask the owner of the art to tell us the idea from his or her works without making some additional stories about the meaning of such a work.
That’s why *Art Is An Idea* .

Yahya Fehdi .


Knowledge; the idea is ;the road the way to get knowledge isn’t that easy and it’s not supposed to be easy !! The way of knowledge is full of shitty things and a lot of methods and manners .. that you get either bored by it or fascinating by it .. either way you better keep playing the game till you get to that knowledge .. and then you will taste the most beautiful and powerful kind of caffeine
When you get to knowledge you get to a whole new fascinating world !!


Yahya Fehdi