Hello dear and welcome to this place..

I’m a human like you , you can call me Yahya or Yaya ( that’s what they call me when they get tired from pronouncing the ‘H’). Even though I don’t believe in the Ages but let’s just go with the flow this time , so I’m currently have been living on this planet for 20 years (yeah its a long time buddy).SO as you may know or not..I’m studying Psychology (this is my 2nd year).

I LOVE BOOKS .. like really no joke whenever I see a book in front of me I want to touch it and smell it and HAVE IT.(i know I may sound like a weirdo but cmon all the BOOKSLOVER are like me).so I’m a READAHOLIC and that’s mean that I’m addicted to reading in every thing (not really every category but i can keep up with it :p ) and in every language that I know such as arabic/english/french(even tho I’m not really into speaking or writing in french) that’s why I’m learning Dutch because there are so many amazing books that have been written in it beside the fact that I love listening to this beautiful language.

I’m into Music.. like Jazz/Soul/Rock/Pop/Classic/Folks/Remixes… I mean every single genre of music.

I do watch movies and films but I’m not that bad on this thing so if there is a famous movie I didn’t watch don’t judge me I’m kinda picky when it comes to films.

Sometimes it happens that I think of something with myself inside my head in a philosophical way then I write it here.

Finally , your going to find here my reviews about books that I read or some of my TBR and from time to time I’ll be doing some book tags/challenges.Also some articles about psychological things.And reviews about the Music that I listen to and the Films that I watch . SO HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR TIME HERE 🙂