It’s not the heart anymore !

For over 1000 years , we’ve been as humans comparing our hearts to our brains, and making some phrases such us “don’t follow your heart, follow your brain” or “Stop listening to your brain, follow your heart” , or even in our songs like the ONE OK ROCK’s ones titled Listen in which they say “Listen, listen ..Listen, listen.. To your heart”. So we were not satisfied by the duality of Spirits and Bodies ,yet we made another duality between Brains and Heart. That’s why I decided to write down this post trying to make a limits to this duality by clarifying some of its points.

This explanation that I will write down , based on biology and a proverb that I love. The proverb is “God is in the details” which can be explained as the details matter, and it is our case. Now let’s go to some scientific facts and talk about  biological systems especially the one of the brain and the one of the heart and another little/cute system in which the lungs are the main thing.

The brain basically is like the orchestra conductor of the whole body, if it’s gone or has a small turning off ,the body as well will be shutting down! but here is a thing even though the brain is that cool it’s in need for a thing called “blood” so that it will be able to work and make sure every  organ is working too!! and after using the idea of the previous proverb we will see and find out that it’s not really about the blood as a thing but mainly about the O2 the oxygen and CO2 the carbon dioxide. The oxygen is one of the substances transported with the assistance of red blood cells. The red blood cells contain a pigment called haemoglobin, each molecule of which binds  four oxygen molecules. Oxyhaemoglobin forms. The oxygen molecules are carried to individual cells in the body tissue where they are released. Which means that the the thing that makes the blood useful in this situation is the fact the it contained O2 . The system who provides the body in general  especially the blood; is the respiratory system by the help of the lungs .In which there is a tubes pass through the lungs called , the bronchial tubes. The bronchioles end in tiny air sacs called alveoli, where oxygen is transferred from the inhaled air to the blood. After absorbing oxygen, the blood leaves the lungs and is carried to the heart. The blood then is pumped through your body to provide oxygen to the cells of your tissues and organs. This is mean the heart will be useless if there is no O2 in the blood ;in other words if there was no lungs!!

I’m not saying that an organ is better than the other or is important than the other. In contrary I believe that all organs are importants and even though the brain is considered as the master of them yet it still in needs of them; like the president of a country and the citizen of it. So what I’m trying to say is if we are obligated to do or say or express such duality at least we should do it in the right way and say “listen to your lungs not your brain” or “listen to your brain not your lungs”.


Yahya Fehdi.






















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