Social Media makes us lonely ?

Hello!! As you can tell from the title, this post will be talking about your Instagram account or your Facebook account or your Twitter account or even your Snapchat, in general it will be talking about the Social Media and how it does NOT makes us lonely or more loners .

Yep you read it right , Social Media from Instagram to Snapchat passing by What’sapp and Facebook and the lovely Twitter does not makes us lonely!! and before you start arguing about how it does and my statement is not right. Here is to you my dear reader some arguments that I see as a Human who has accounts in different social media such us Instagram ,Facebook ,Twitter ,Tumblr ,and last but not least What’sapp (even tho there is some people who consider this one as a messaging app and not a social media?! but anyway let’s get back to our topic) .

First thing first, and this one is like the most basic argument and let’s say the most common one, and it’s the fact that those apps are being called and categorized into the “SOCIAL MEDIA” ,in other words every thing in this category is dedicated to makes us more sociable in our society .

Second thing, is that as an Ex-introverted person , i can say out loud that social media was a great tool for me to be more extraverted in society. It has the role of an intermediary person. At first I wasn’t really into it , i mean i wasn’t that active in social media, but as soon as I become more active in both Instagram and Twitter and Tumblr I became step by step more confident and my self-esteem became stronger and that’s how slowly but surely I become as some psychologist say “ambiverted person”.

Thirdly, social media is about posting something and receiving feeds or replies about it. It’s more like social reactions in real life ; you do an act and the you receive a reply about your act. For example posting a draw that you make and you will get bunch of replies about either how bad or how good its your draw. And the same thing goes for the example of talking/having a conversation in real life , in social media you did same thing except that in social media the conversation is more strict and as we say “in point” ; imagine this scenario : X and Y are having a conversation in real life about a book by Murakami and it’s the time for X to say why he didn’t liked Kafka on the shore so much, before Y say good bye to him because Y is heading to the airport, but X wasn’t able to express his idea very well because of the pressure of time. Now imagine the same conversation about same topic in one of the social media either Instagram or twitter or even what’sapp why not, now X will have the whole time to express himself because Y sooner or later will read the reply of X . So that’s another point for social media in my point of view .More than that in the scenario of real life both X and Y have the ability to say “continue the talking in Facebook or What’sapp okay?!” like social media is really helping out the real things to continue as much as possible.

Last but not least, remember , not seeing someone doesn’t mean he or she is not real !! ’cause in social media we see the other one in their pictures and replies and feeds.. and not being close to us or in front of us doesn’t mean they are fake or not real. Another thing is please if you are a father or a mother don’t say to your son/daughter to put down the phone while eating or baking or i don’t know , just send him or her a message in their Facebook or What’sapp or whatever it was the app and tell him or her to do what you want I’m sure they will laugh when they see it and they will do what you order them to do ,or even call them why not!! (this is the advice of a 21 old man) 

This is my ideas about how Social Media makes us sociable and more cooler ,if we use it in the way that we see it’s the perfect way for us to be sociable (if we want to of course). The previous arguments are 100% from my own perspective and from what I faced and what I experienced ,if it works for me it doesn’t mean it will definitely works for you, and if it doesn’t works for you it does not mean I lied in what i wrote in this post.

I hope that was a useful post for you , and i hope you like it!!

Peace and Live!!


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