Things I learned in 2016


Yep that’s right !! 2016 is gone (or still 3 days until it will be GONE) so this year might be gone but the things that i learned from it i don’t think it will gone with it let’s see how much things i’ve learned from it!!! 

1/War isn’t bad(as i explained in a previous post).

2/Friends are not at the same importance as the family.because u can lose friend or make them easily but to make a family DUDE!! its not that easy .

3/I learned about my country’s currency. specifically its history.

4/I learned about the history of the words “boyfriend”/”girlfriend”.

5/I learned that getting married at the age of 20 it’s not easier !

6/I learned or I knew finally the topics that i’m gonna talk about and search about it in my licence degree.

7/I learned that being “perfect” is a waste of time.

8/I learned that reading books in french is not that bad after all.

9/I learned that my parents are too not perfect and they make mistakes.

10/I learned that teachers are too not perfect either they too make mistakes.

11/I learned that LOVE is not about saying to others that you “love” them back is about knowing deep down you is that person is the one that i love and i’ll love or no.

12/I learned how to use a bullet journal and it’s so useful.

and that’s it guys !! I think that’s all the things that i learned this year!!


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