War is it really “Bad”?!

Ohayow !!

Alright guys !!! as we all know 2016 was a MESS !! like there was a plenty of wars and fighting and bombing and killing from Burma in Asia passing by Syria and Palestine to FranceThat’s why i had this question in my mind this morning “War is it REALLY Bad?” and i wanted to share with you what i found about this question. BUT firstly my point of view is may (or may not) being influenced by the environment that i’m living in where there wasn’t any “war” or “fight” for the past 7 years or 10 years.

WAR in the dictionary is “a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.” which is generally in the point of view of the majority is BAD.

Now lets change the point of view to mine. 

WAR is the humanist way of FIGHTINGWhat I mean by that is “FIGHTING” is something that we share as human beings with animals; like we can find two monkey tribes that are fighting between each others to conquer a place or to steal some food for example . So from this point we can say the the act of “fighting” is a biological thing that we have, and its like a result or a way to express the emotion of ‘anger‘ or ‘fear‘.

So now why “humanist“?! . 

As I said befor we share this thing biologically and emotionally with animals . so in order to prove the “we are the humans are the best creations by god” thing that from the past the religious thought/mind told the people (us), humans create some new devices and tools to use it in their “fighting” and it goes from the arch’s period to the tanks and bombs and ak28 guns …

So by that what i want to say is IT’S HARD TO STOP WAR!! its like if you are trying to stop the humanity from crying or from feeling sad or from feeling happy .I mean if you can delete “HAPPY” or “SAD” from the humans and animals then you absolutely can stop war and fighting.

Now is this mean that we can stop losing our beloved ones or friends?!

HELL YEAH!! we can stop losing them in wars, by having the battle or the war in a place outside the city or the country that we are living in , by that we have the power to limit the numbers of dead people.


And to answer the question , WAR IS NOT BAD .

Hope you enjoy this comeback post :p .



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