My top 5 YouTube channels 

Ohayoooo mina!!

Yeah I know it’s been a freaking long time since I posted my last post about DSM .. The reason ?! Oh well I’ve been busy watching YouTube videos and of course watching my new favourite series “how to get away with murder” :p

Anyway as a comeback post I was planning to write something about books again but recently all the books that I read weren’t that GOOD :/ So I was like “why not talking about YouTube channels” and this is what I’m gonna to do right now .. So ladies and gentlemen get ready to know some SUPER DUPER YT channels that I freaking adore!! 

okey just to clarify to you how did i chose my TOP 5 .. it will be 1 channel in Sport , 1 in Booktube , 1 in Vlogs , 1 in Music/Songs and a last one in Videos/sketchs



About IT: Well even tho i’m a lazy-ass/booklover-reader i still love to work out sometimes and just to make sure i love running like LITERALLY I LOVE IT!! but should i just like been satisfied with running ?! I don’t think so !! that’s why i find this lovely channel where there is some REALLY GOOD STUFF like some funny sketches about some informations concerning the body building things .. NOT just that the guy in it has really a good logic and i like it !! like sometimes and this is the stereotype that i got about the ones who play the body building things and its that “they have NO LOGIC” but to be honest this guy really change the stereotype that i had .SO if you want to LAUGH / LEARN / WORKOUT .. check KN BODYFIT’s channel

LINK: KN Bodyfit


NAME: Ariel Bissett

About IT: THIS ONE IS DOPE !!! like literally i like the way she made the videos and the ideas of it ..and most important thing is that she’s one of the readers who aren’t readers of fictions or only non-fictions she’s a READER like literally she read poetry / novels / short story… and she has a lovely accent and btw she writes some GOOD poetry TOO and like KN BODYFIT she has a REALLY GOOD LOGIC!! SO if you want to have fun while learning something new check Ariel Bissett’s channel

LINK: Ariel Bissett


NAME: Christian DelGrosso

About IT: I want to describe this guy using one word but HEY!! he’s super cool tho like really he got some good things to say as much as the funny things that he got SO we can say that he’s too has a GOOD LOGIC :p and GOOD STUFF!! SO if you want to SMILE and LAUGH and LEARN some new cool things about life just check the B.F of CRASILITA (haha idk if this is how we spell it :p)

LINK: Christian DelGrosso


NAME: PostmodernJukebox

About IT: This guy is soooo COOL!! he did some REALLY REALLY GOOD covers about songs as a VINTAGE COVERS!!!! how cool is that !!! I’m literally listening to both covers by him the stressed out by twenty one pilot and the one by Rihanna Umbrella and they are SO GOOOOOD!!! SO if you are a fan of vintage things like me or if you want to try a new kind of songs just check this guy I’m sure you’ll love it !!

LINK: PostmodernJukebox


NAME: BuzzFeedVideo

About IT: GUYS!! those ppl here are super cool !! they have some FUNNY/ENTERTAINMENT STUFF and my FAVORITE VIDEOS are the Opposite-Sex Roommates MAN!! they are SUPER FUNNY/CUTE/ADORABLE !!!  you better check their videos as soon as possible !!! 


THAT’S IT FOLKS !! (trying some new words :p) .. Well HOPE Ya’ll like my quick post about my TOP 5 YT channels .. and BTW PLEASE if you have a good channel don’t hesitate to send me the LINK of it !! and I’ll be SO HAPPY to check it out !! 

till the next post !!

Tschuss !!


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