After the CHALLENGE!


How are ya’ll doing these days ..hope ya’ll are doing GREAT!!.. SO! the challenge is done! wooohooo finally yeeey!!! (overreacting again :p) ..and guess what ?! I HATE IT!!! yes i did .. let me explain why..

So as a readaholic/bookslover I’m reading books cuz it’s fun (don’t get me wrong.. its basically like a beautiful curse that it will stick to u idk how long but it will..) and of course to learn stg new and travel ..BUT in Saturday (the 2nd day of the challenge) I wasn’t having fun at all nor I was learning -.- YES it was sucks!! .. cuz now I’m having a reading slump *.* (i k its BAD) 

oh yes how much did i read ?? well from 1161 pages i read only 252 pages :/ ..

now here is the beautiful thing .. my friends keep cheering me and encouraging me to not give up ..and I’m really so thankful for them .. but at the same time I’m feeling bad that I didn’t accomplish the task ..

SO what I learn from this challenge is that challenges aren’t made for me ..soooo I’ll not do any other challenge especially when it comes to reading or writing 🙂

That’s it hope u enjoy reading this .. till another post probably the next month or before that Idk



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