Week End à 1000 CHALLENGE!!


How are ya’ll doing these days ..hope ya’ll are doing GREAT..SO a friend of mine told me about this challenge and guess what?! I’m going to do it too.. SO LET’S GO!!!

The name of this challenge is “WEEKEND à MILLE” it’s basically a reader who’s going to read 1000 pages  in a week-end starting from Friday at 19:00 till Sunday at midnight.

NOW!!! we have to choose the books that I’m going to read and the sum of their pages must be equal to 1000 or more.

The books that I choose are all in Arabic because it’s been awhile since I’ve read something in Arabic.LET’S CHECK THEM OUT!!!

1/التائهون or Drifters by Amine Maalouf: 555 pages


2/الحق الإسلامي في الاختلاف الفكري or The Islamic right in the intellectual difference by Taha Abdelrahmane: 320 pages


3/المكتبة في الليل or The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel: 286 pages


And by adding 555 to 320 to 286 we get 1161 pages!!!

So now I have to read at least 1000 pages this week end and in Monday I’ll post my result from this challenge did I finished or no.. to be honest I’m slow at reading :/ so I’m not sure if I’m gonna make it or not but let’s have that thing called HOPE :p and WISH ME LUCK!!! 

Tschuss !!



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