My Psychology TBR LIST!!!


How are ya’ll doing these days ..hope ya’ll are doing GREAT..(Btw I think I’ll be using this intro from now on till idk :p )..SO I haven’t posted anything lately in the category of my love ..oops sorry I mean of PSYCHOLOGY.. SO I’ve decided to put a post where I’m talking about my TBR list that I’ll be reading in the coming days before the study in my uni starts at the 15th of October I I chose 6 different books 2 of them are in English, 2 others are in French and the last couple double books are in Arabic..  SO LET’S GO!!!!


First thing first , we got this cute book about Gender .. it includes some research and discussions surrounding gender in the areas of psychology, sociology, anthropology and even medicine.. Now why this topic?? well because of some emotional things that it comes to me on March and some questions like Is there really a difference between male and female and if so what is the definition or the truth of this difference is it social or physical or what ?? 


Secondly we have this gorgeous book right here who is basically a bunch of courses in Artificial Intelligence which is a new(not really) in psychology. why I’m going to read it?? because this topic is considered as the newest things in psychology which is called Psychology cognitive (btw I’m probably gonna do my licence on this subject IDK yet if its a 100% .. we’ll figured it out).


This one is going to be the 1st book in French.. I don’t know if there is a translation of it in English or not so I’ll read it in French..It’s actually a combination of articles by psychologist that criticize Sigmund Freud as a person.So I want to read it to figuer out why is this psychanalys is dominating the thinking of the public so MUCH!!


(sorry about the size of this pic btw)..This one is about a topic that I’ll be needing it for the next semesters which is Psychometry and its just 40 pages so I should be done with it before we start the studies.


And NOW for the Arabic books !!! This one is about some psychology research in the subject of handicapped people .. and Yep I need it too for this semester.


Last but not least this book .. its called “the Psychology of Irregulars” it sounds pretty interesting to me that’s what I chose it.

That’s it for now .. Hope Ya’ll enjoy this post and find it useful.. TILL THE NEXT POST!!! 

Tschuss !!! (Yep I’m learning Germany)


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