Famous Films I didn’t watch

So it’s been a week since I realized that I haven’t post anything about movies/films and I was thinking about a good idea to start with it this category and it hit me this one.. to write about those famous/great movies of all the time that I didn’t watch.

But I’m not a good at remembering names of films names that’s why I search on google for them and I found this site (( http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/100-best-films-ever-hollywood-favorites-818512/item/wizard-oz-hollywoods-100-favorite-818346 )) now the thing is they put 100 good movie at this site that’s why I choose just 10 movies from it to show you how bad I am at watching films, but to be honest I found 4 movies that I watched such as : (1) Up , (2) Wall-E , (3) Toy Story, (4) Matrix. so after all I’m not that bad at watching films.

Now let’s check out my TOP 10 famous movies/films I didn’t watch!!

1/ The Lord of the Rings (Both Films)

I know right?! It’s weird to not watch it but truly I’m a freaking readaholic so how the hell do you want me to watch a movie that I didn’t read it own books.IT’S NOT APPROPRIATE OKEY?!! Especially after what WB did to the amazing series of Harry Potter -.- so don’t try to convince me to watch it before I read the series

2/ Inception


For this one it’s a little bit different. Well my friend told me about it so I look it up on google again and I read the plot but I still didn’t watch it BUT the good thing is I get REALLY impressed by Christopher Nolan in every thing his thinking , his attitude But seriously he’s not using any smart phone *.* how cool is that?!.



Now if I have a good memory I’m sure that there is a cartoon with the same name as this film so at least I  watched the cartoon so why should I bother myself to watch the movie right?! 🙂

4/ Gladiator


Yep I haven’t watch it. So don’t judge me I’m not a big fan of war’s movies.after all my favorite types of films are : Mystery,Thriller,Romance,Crime,Psychological and some Comedy for sure.So there is NO war or action .

5/ Avatar


For this one I’m not sure if I’m even going to watch it in the future . It’s not that I hate it or something it’s just I don’t know I have that feeling that it’s going to be BORING!! I dont’ know.

6/ Amelie


Sorry to myself that I still didn’t watch this one.Well I watched the trailer and I LOVED it so much it’s just my type of movies that I would watch over and over (cause this is rare for me to rewatch something).So for this art YES I would difinitly watch it in the future.Probably it’s the only movie that I’d watch from this list.

7/ Dark Knight


Here is a thing I LOVED the acting of Joker SO MUCH!!!!!But still I didn’t watch it.How can I love the acting if I didn’t watch it ?? well because I see some little cuts from the movie on YouTube.I’ll definitely prefer this actor of the Joker over the one that acted on Suicide Squad . FUN FACT : I didn’t watch Suicide Squad either.

8/ Titanic 


I don’t have nothing to say….

Well yes I have.I hated it before watching it so I didn’t watch it.Yes I know I said that romance is one of my favorite types in films but I don’t’ mean OVERDOSE of romance :p .

9/ Star Wars


Ok now this is a little bit wired . cause I don’t know the story of this film. But I know that’s a Sci-Fi so that’s enough for me to not watch it sorry to all the S.W fans out there.

10/ The Wizard of OZ


This one in my point of view looks like Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.So is not really that bad.that’s why  I think I’m just going to put it up on the list of the film that I would watch in the future yeah I’d definitely watch it .

THE END !!! Hope y’all enjoy reading my first post about films and yes I’m planning to write both reviews about books and films . SO BYE FOR NOW!!



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