Me VS French (+ some reviews)

Yow .. wow damn it how long it’s been since i wrote something here.. well this is a very  short (I’m not sure about that) post .. in which I’ll be talking about the struggles that i have with the French language.. so LET’S GO!!!

Okay! now to make things clear enough for you. I’m not that bad at this language. I mean I know how to read it and how to write with it even how to speak using it and I have this accent that you can call it “the French accent” you know. More than that I get B1 on the TCF which is pretty cool.(if you don’t know what that is. it’s basically a test on the French language that you take if you’re willing to go to study in French. the lowest degree is A1 and the first/best one is C2). now after we clarified some points let’s start our fighting .

The main point is that I see French language as a boring/dull language. now here is a think i mean no offense but really like Moriarty said “Just Staying…”. I know that some people call it the romantic language or something like that and I’m okay with that . me too i found it more girly and feminine . i mean in every inch specially the accent.

The second round will be about the fact that I’ve been studying this thing from when I was at the 2nd year of the elementary school till i was at the 1st year of college aka ‘Last Year’. I believe that this way of studying French has turned ON the feeling of ‘HATE’ towards it.


In order to turn OFF that feeling and to shut the mouth of one teacher who’s somehow think that I’m BAD AF at this language (maybe because i don’t speak too much during his lesson).I YAHYA decided to use my power (i mean reading) and to prove to myself that I’m a real ‘Readaholic‘. I’ve decided to get benefits from this summer by reading as much as possible of the French novels that I have.


That’s why i started this by reading a small story called “un kilo d’orange” which means “a kilo of Orange” : it’s about a girl . Her mom died because of cancer . so this little girl tells us how she could get out from her sadness with the help of the friend of her mom. and how she panicked when her father told her that he’ll get married to another woman. I gave it on Goodreads 5/5 stars.

The second book that i read is “Cinq semaines en Ballon” which is mean “five weeks in balloon“: for this one I’m not sure if it’s fiction or if it’s really happened. It’s about a doctor named ‘Samuel Ferguson’ who decided to travel Africa in a Balloon to see the source of the river of Nigeria.So he and he’s helper that i forget his name (i think its Jon or something like that) and his friend (sadly i forgot his name too) so these three people take this adventure that i found it funny and sometimes so interesting . I gave it 4/5 stars on Goodreads.

The third novel has been written by Hugh Laurie the actor of Dr.House (My fav series) the books called “Tout est sous control” which is mean “everything is under control” BUT the original title is “The Gun Seller” which is more convenient to the book than the other one. It’s about Thomas Lang a retired person from the military , and his mission to take down a gun seller by taking down a  terrorist gang. I don’t want to say more than that because I really LIKED IT and I want you to read it by yourself. I gave it 5/5 stars on Goodreads.

Are we done yet??

HELL NO!!! Cuz there is this cutie pie book by Alphonse Daudet called “Lettre de mon moulin” = “Letters from my windmill” . I still haven’t read it yet. so there is no review about it. but after i finish the memoir of Haruki Murakami .I’ll read this one.

Now after we read the reviews ladies and gentlemen let’s go to see the results .. did I still hate this language or did I start loving it?


I don’t hate it anymore but I still prefer using my sweetheart THE ENGLISH. And yes French too has it own sweetness and that’s good. but sorry French , English is way more useful/better  .

That’s it. Hope you enjoy reading my little story about me and the French language 🙂




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