Dancing is it hard ?

Peace .

Well let’s talk a little bit  about dance and dancing . For me I see dancing as a way of expressing our feelings that can’t be expressed by words.

Generally there are types of dancing : latino,ballet,tutting,breakdance, freestyles,flamingo,salsa .. And so on.

In my humble experience I’ve learned some tutting and breakdancing. Now here I was seeing myself as a copycat to others. Until I’ve decided to do a freestyle by myself to a song that I love ,it’s “zombie by the cranberries” . I was just listening to the rythm and the lyrics and letting my body to do the rest. The feeling of being able to express myself and my thought about a song without using words it was amazing. The thing that amazed me the most is how can they transfer those feelings to me using songs it’s fantastic. That was the beginning of my understanding to both music and dance. So whenever i find that the words can’t help me expressing myself , I put some music and I dance.

Another benefit of dancing is that it looks like a workout:p . So if you’re lazy af like me probably dancing is your best solution to workout.

What I want to say is that dancing isn’t that hard . It’s not as much harder as maths or physics or even making your favourite meal for the first time . Dancing is easy at the point that you can using instead phrases and words . You can do it just by listening to the song and lose your mind a little bit than let your soul speak throughout your body.

And dance like no one is watching you

Peace Be Upon You. ✌🏻️


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