A small Update..

Yow (again) ..

now.. because i don’t have any ideas or willingness to write articles about psy (YET!!).. i’ve decide to do a quick update about the books i’m currently reading .. so yeah lets go!!!tumblr_lm3lzu9tn41qdqewlo1_500_large1

1) Cinq semaines en ballon :by Jules Verne

its talking about this “Samuel Fregusson” who decide to explore the african countries on a nacelle made by him ,with his friend “Dick Kennedy” and his servant Joe. So basically its a novel about adventures .. currently I’m on the page 199.

2) Kitchen :by Banana Yoshimoto

It’s a book from the japanese literature .About a girl that love kitchens like sooooo much.I’m still at the beginning of it .. specifically on page num 20 :p

3) It’s kind of a funny story :by Ned Vizzin

I liked it from the beginning .and its truly funny cuz this is the first book who made me laugh in public hhhhhh its just so hilarious . BUT again I’m still at the beg :/ yeah .. but this time its page num 61 :p

That’s it for now .. Ja-neeee!! (yeah ik sm japanese :p)


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