3.2.1.. START!!!

Yow people!!

Okey lets do a small introduction about me..

I’m a psychology student.. 

I love my field (but the teachers here are making me nervous-.-)

I love reading books and buying books and staring at book

I love music and caffee 

I love nature and the sky ooh I’m in love with it ..

More than that I do love sharing the(small) knowledge that I have also helping others..

So what’s the best combination to do it .. Ah i know .. Iiiiiiits making a blog hhhhh.

And that’s how I ended up here..

From now on I’ll be posting everything I know about psychology in English,Arabic and French ,(with a limit of course ) plus to the reviews about the books that I’ll be reading ..

Sooooo that’s it hope u ll enjoy this blog and get benefits from it.

And if u want to stalking me u can find my Twitter and my Instagram accounts also my FB (but I don’t use it as much as others).

See ya !!


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